Deep State

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The term “Deep State” has been used a lot lately, in news, on social media, in politics. It is the stuff of spy novels, the idea that our governments are actively working in the shadows to deceive us, divide us, and keep us in a condition of constant uncertainty.

And truth is probably stranger than fiction.

Today we are pleased to offer the broadcast premiere of a new album by embral,Deep State, an electronic commentary on our modern awareness of electronic surveillance. The album is scheduled for release on the 18th of June.

embral is the duo of Adam Holquist (Erie, PA) and Charles Shriner (Indianapolis, IN). Beginning in 2012, the pair have released three critically acclaimed studio albums, eight live albums and given over 100 live performances, first under their combined solo monikers of onewayness + dRachEmUsiK, and continuing from 2017 as embral. Their music is often improvised and draws influence from a variety of musical and non-musical sources.

In addition, we draw from the RadioSpiral library and take a few other looks at what deep state might mean.

“The Number You Have Reached” – Different Skies – Imaginary Spaces (2007)
“You Cannot Be Deceived” – Cousin Silas & Beltism – The Emporium Project – 1point5 (waag_rel128) (2019)
“Empire of Nothing” – Numina – The Deception of Reality (2012)
“Travelling in Deep Cryosleep” – Carbon Entity – Within The Cosmic Void (2019)

Deep State – embral (2019)

  • “You’re Seeing Things”
  • “An Unlawful Assembly”

‘Deep State’ is the fourth full-length studio release from embral (, the critically acclaimed duo of Charles Shriner (dRachEmUsiK / Indianapolis, IN) and Adam Holquist (onewayness / Erie, PA).

Built from building blocks developed over 10 days of live improvisations, ‘Deep State’ is a socio-political statement about the nature of truth, perception and interpretation, in the form of two widely traveling longform pieces. The voices in “Unlawful Assembly” are from the 2017 Charlottesville protests.

Adam played lap steel, bass, Eurorack modular, Streichfett and did some tape manipulations; Charles played EWI, did all the percussion, some additional drones using the Marsynth Morris box, and played weird rubber band melodies through the KOMA field kit.

embral is:
Adam Holquist – guitars, tapes, devices, analog & digital synthesis
Charles Shriner – electronic wind instrument, controllers, analog & digital synthesis

Recorded May 2018 at MCSD Studio by Charles Shriner with Adam Holquist

Mixed and mastered at MCSD Studio

“A Fire Upon The Deep” – Jack Hertz and Miguel Ruiz – A Fire Upon The Deep (2011)

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