Summer Dreams

We’re back on the West Coast this week for a friend’s wedding, and the experience has been truly wonderful. The weather is lovely — foggy mornings and warm-but-not-hot afternoons, the terns and gulls and sea lions making their songs on the breakwater, sailors and paddleboarders (a couple of them with their dogs on board!) and scullers enjoying the water. So today we dream of summer with music of Tim Kays, Robert Rich, Robert Scott Thompson, Sensitive Chaos and much more.

  • “In The Summer of Dreams” – Dweller At The Threshold – Nocturnal Vision (2008)
  • “Summer Shower Interlude #4” – Tim Kays – Phenomena (2015)
  • “Summer Thunder” – Robert Rich – Echo of Small Things (2005)
  • “Summer Idyll” – Robert Scott Thompson – Summer Idyll (2015)
  • “Lazy Summer Evening” – Sensitive Chaos – Live Unreleased (2009)
  • “Midsummer Bonfire” – Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves, Vol. 3: Summer (2011)
  • “Summer Tomorrow” – Erik Wøllo – Guitar Nova (1998)
  • “Driftglass” – Pallid Mask – Summer Solstice Performance (2018)
  • “Summer Solstice 2009 (Live)” – M. Peck – Summer Solstice 2009 (Live) (2009)

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