As Above, So Below

After a couple of weeks’ break to reset my brain, Edges of Dreaming is back with a new challenge episode, and some lovely tracks for it.

The challenge was to create a track about life underground — there were no other constraints, and as a result, the artists had free reign to create a track that said “underground” to them.

However, instead of starting with the challenge tracks, we look upward first to the heavens by way of RadioSpiral library tracks, and then head below for the final segment of the program.

The Challenge Tracks – So Below

  • “The Vault Beneath Point Nemo Part 1” – Mr Spiral
  • “The Vault Beneath Point Nemo Part 2” – Mr Spiral
  • “Worm Out Of Dirt” – George L Smyth
  • “Subterranean Scheming” – Gypsy Witch

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