The Tree of Life

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Today’s edition of Edges of Dreaming contemplates the Tree of Life in all its meaning: leaves, lives, leaving, falling, fall, autumn, and the circle of life.

The death of every living being is in the natural order of things; it follows life as surely as summer follows spring. Let us consider the symbol of the Tree of Life. The trunk and branches of the tree represent all the living world, and each leaf a life – appearing one spring, flourishing for a season, and then falling to nourish the roots for following generations.
The physical presence of the individual life has gone, but the tree remains. In fact, it is now even stronger because of that life – and the ending of that life. So it shall be for all of us, in time.

We’ll hear tracks by Altus, Druhá Smrt, Megatone, Robert Scott Thompson, Darren Harper, Andrew Lahiff, Chris Russell, Disturbed Earth, Samsa, Vir Unis, Resonant Drift, Michael Brückner, Cousin Silas, Jack Hertz, DeepWarmth, Elve, WolfProject and Johan Tronestam, and Syndromeda. Plus the waves. You’ll definitely hear the waves.

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