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As the weather cools and turns to winter, the skies above the Pacific have been utterly stunning. The wind, the rain, and massive thunderheads (yes, even in Southern California) make for breathtaking beauty. This edition is all about the skies.


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Last week’s episode featured stories read by yours truly and set to music by several artists. The last story, which was expected to be done live, had some technical failures, so we are doing it again. This time, the music for it is provided by Thomas Jackson Park and Mike Metlay, and it went a little more smoothly.

Other tracks for today include two more, shorter tracks from Liebesträume, a collaboration with Juta Takahashi; another collaboration with Scott Lawlor from the “Nevermore” challenge (can you believe that was five years ago already??); two tracks with Cousin Silas; and finally, a track by Chris Russell from the “River of Road” challenge, and a brand new track from Michael Brückner — it doesn’t have words, but definitely feels story-like — called “The Unanswered Question”, from his brand new release, The Undercurrent.


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It’s been a while since we’ve had a storytelling episode! Now that winter is closing in around us, the nights are longer and colder, the days are shorter, it’s time to settle in for some lovely (sometimes creepy) stories.

Today we’ll be doing a retrospective of some of the stories your host has done with musicians around the world. We’ll hear stories with Scott Lawlor, Cousin Silas, Juta Takahashi, and Gianni Intili. In the broadcast, I started telling one of my own stories, but hit enough technical issues (and timing issues) that I had to bail. Fear not! It’s on the next episode!


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Many sensible countries have avoided using Daylight Saving Time. Of those who have observed it, […]

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