Many sensible countries have avoided using Daylight Saving Time. Of those who have observed it, many have already set clocks back to standard time. This week, it’s time for the U.S., most of Canada, and several other regions to stop the yearly madness shift back to standard time. 

In honor of the disruption this causes in our lives (can you sense the sarcasm here?), today we bring you a program about shifting. We start with a new track from Museleon about the annual migration of geese; then, digging into the RadioSpiral library uncovered quite a few tracks having to do with one sort of shift or another. Artists include Juta Takahashi, Simon Wilkinson, Sensitive Chaos, Different Skies, Jack Hertz, Numina, Robert Carty, Lucette Bourdin, Incandescent Void, and Dan Pound.

Finally, your host has decided that the only way to get really good at creating music is to, well, create it. So there is a 15 minute live set at the end of today’s program… which, for the purposes of this podcast, is somewhere in the middle-ish.


Cover art: “Morpheus” – Jean-Bernard Restout (22 February 1732 – 18 July 1797) 

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