It’s been a while since we’ve had a storytelling episode! Now that winter is closing in around us, the nights are longer and colder, the days are shorter, it’s time to settle in for some lovely (sometimes creepy) stories.

Today we’ll be doing a retrospective of some of the stories your host has done with musicians around the world. We’ll hear stories with Scott Lawlor, Cousin Silas, Juta Takahashi, and Gianni Intili. In the broadcast, I started telling one of my own stories, but hit enough technical issues (and timing issues) that I had to bail. Fear not! It’s on the next episode!

  • “The Earth Speaks” – Gianni Intili – NEEMFest 2019 (2019)
  • “The Girl Who Dreamed” – Rebekkah Hilgraves and Juta Takahashi – Liebesträume (2015)
  • “Recollecting the Snow” – Scott Lawlor & Rebekkah Hilgraves – Recollecting the Snow (2015)

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