As the weather cools and turns to winter, the skies above the Pacific have been utterly stunning. The wind, the rain, and massive thunderheads (yes, even in Southern California) make for breathtaking beauty.

That inspired today’s episode, which is all about Skies. From Different Skies to Marmalade Skies and lots in between, we run the gamut of styles and sounds. Different Skies, DeepWarmth, John DuVal, Juta Takahashi, Oophoi, Altus, Robert Rich, Cousin Silas and HeadJoint, Robert Carty, Ambient Traveler, Roy Mattson, Lucette Bourdin, Chromadrift, Samsa, Christian Fiesel, Dave Luxton, Cluster Balm, and Jim Ottaway are all on the program today.

“Like Falling Forever” – Different Skies – Arcosanitarium (2009)
“Skies” – DeepWarmth – Among Stars (2013)
“Across the Marmalade Skies” – John DuVal – Heavy Water (2008)
“Deeper Skies” – Juta Takahashi – Light and Shadows Disc 2 (2017)
“Beyond These Skies” – Oophoi – Hymns to a Silent Sky (2005)
“Cerulean Skies” – Altus – Komorebi (2015)
“Black Skies” – Robert Rich – A Troubled Resting Place (1996)
“Dark Skies” – Cousin Silas & Headjoint – Cousin Silas and Friends vol. 4 (waag_rel073) (2015)
“Electric Skies” – Robert Carty – Ethereal Deserts (2004)
“Dark Skies” – Ambient Traveler – (Unreleased, 2006)
“Intersecting Skies” – Roy Mattson – INTERSECTING SKIES (2015)
“Metallic Skies” – Lucette Bourdin – Soaring Above The Thunder (2005)
“Navigating The Skies” – Chromadrift – The Silent Dance Floor (2017)
“Oru Skies” – Samsa – The Laurentian Divide (2003)
“Rainy Skies” – Christian Fiesel (unreleased)
“Skies of Green” – Dave Luxton – Fuzzy Music (2013)
“The Skies Open” – Cluster Balm – 1.0 (2004)
“Skies Rain Down” – Jim Ottaway – Timeless e-Motion (2017)

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