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“The only thing constant is change.”

Everything changes. The whole world is in constant motion, from the revolution around the sun, the rotation of the planet, all the way down to the constant movement of the subatomic particles that make it — and us — up.

Change is neither bad nor good; it simply is. Our response to change, however, demonstrates who we are as individuals and as a species.

This edition of The Edges of Dreaming is about a demonstration of constant change: flowing water. We’ll hear a variety of tracks from the RadioSpiral library, including works by Lutz Thuns and Glenn Sogge, Lucette Bourdin, Max Corbacho, Cousin Silas and Head Joint, Robert Carty, Juta Takahashi, Gypsy Witch, Thom Brennan, poemme, Dan Pound, Jaime Munárriz and Glenn Sogge, usr/sbin, and EugeneKha.


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Sleep. Hibernation. Rest. Reflection. These are some of the ideas that often come with winter time. We draw inward, sleep more, reflect on the past year and look forward to the blank-slate possibilities of the future.

But sleep doesn’t always come easily, when the world is such an uneasy place. So today’s program is about that most fundamental of needs, sleep. We’ll hear great, long-form tracks from The Color of Sleep, Altus (Canada), Brother Saturn, Ombient, Glenn R Sogge with Boson Spin, Silvercord, Simon Wilkinson, poemme.

2020 Vision

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Today is the first Edges of Dreaming of 2020, so of course we’re sharing our “2020 Vision” with you! This will be a program full of optimism and intentions for positive changes in the new year and beyond. We cast our vision forth — Peace, Love, and Unity — and work to make it manifest in the universe. Join us! PS: It’s a beautiful collection of tracks.

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