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This edition of Edges of Dreaming is the first of our three-part challenge for 2020: Peace. We received some beautiful responses (and there will be a live bit by yours truly) from playman54, George L Smyth, and Equinox Deschanel. The rest of the program is devoted to Peace as well, by way of RadioSpiral library tracks. We’ll hear music by The Lovely Moon, Phillip Wilkerson, embral, Syndromeda, onewayness, Robert Carty, and Daniel Robert Lahey.

The Challenge Tracks

2020 Vision, Part 1 (Peace)

  • “a disturbing peace” – playman54
  • “Peace” – George L Smyth
  • “Sky Temple, Earthrise: Freeside, January 30, 2087”
  • “Sound for Peace” – ʞu¡0ɹʞS

The Library Tracks

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