It’s in just about every dance movie, and it’s an easy earworm if you let it: the song “Sway” has become almost a trope. And thus it happened that your host woke up with that worm in her ear, and decided to do a rhythm show — it’s been too long! — the first of two this month.

This edition of Edges of Dreaming encourages you to bounce in your seat, or maybe even get up and move a bit. Slow dances, fast dances, and lots in between.

“The Eternal Dance” – Reese Burgan – Eighth Day (2011)
“Krill” – John Vorus – Transmuting Currents (2006)
“Dub Chill 1 (Live)” – TouchXtone – EyeDrum And Beyond (2004)
“Gypsy Moth Dance” – Sensitive Chaos – March Of The Timeshifters (2015)
“dances with elephants (thing_213)” – Daniel Robert Lahey – dances with elephants (2015)
“Dance of the Drifts” – usr/sbin – Twelfth Month Moon (2010)
“Reach Out” – SPACECRAFT – Cybersphere (2001)
“Moon Bass Five” – Gypsy Witch – Getting to Fifth Bass (2017)
“The Low Road” – Har – Getting to Fifth Bass (2017)
“Achordance” – Cousin Silas & Hell Is Carbon – The Emporium Project 1point4 (waag_rel127) (2019)
“The Dance (of the Devil)” – Plexus – The Music Of Plexus
“Ceiling Of Suspended Memories” – Dweller At The Threshold – No Boundary Condition (1996)

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