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It’s a special weekend for your host — a milestone birthday, and the fourth year of broadcasting on StillStream.FM. So this program is all about birth as we dip into the StillStream library to celebrate.


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Whether late winter/early spring or late summer/early autumn (depending on which hemisphere), flowers are blooming, painting the earth with riotous, joyful color. Today we BLOOM on At Water’s Edge.

The Open Road

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Your host has spring fever, and needs to take a road trip. So today’s program is loosely tied to the theme of “the Open Road”. We will feature only two releases today: Hikari from Michael Brückner, and Mysterium from Saso. The first work was just released this past week, and the second is scheduled for release on the 20th of this month.


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This edition of At Water’s Edge focuses on a core principle of ambient music: atmosphere or environment. Ambient music is a fascinating genre, in that it relies on subtleties and nearly imperceptible shifts to create an … ahem… environment of listening that is immersive and moving. It is “equally listenable and ignorable” (Brian Eno’s definition).

Unlike the music that we hear, our own environment, that of planet Earth, is in grave peril — not ignorable at all. As humans, we have a challenge and a responsibility to preserve our environment, both for our own generations and for the flora and fauna with whom we share the planet. It is time to listen, and not ignore.

Wings of an Angel

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For the month of February, our featured artist on StillStream.FM has been Wings of an Angel, a prolific and highly skilled ambient musician, artist and poet-philosopher whose works blend all of these passions in fascinating ways. Often dark, always beautiful, and occasionally slightly weird, today we both see and hear some of the results.

From the Archives: Regret

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This program was originally broadcast on 16 February 2013

A bit darker and more contemplative, today’s program centers around sorrow and regret, with some really beautiful works from a wide variety of StillStream artists. In the end, though, sadness only informs who we are, it does not totally define us. It’s a gorgeous and fascinating program. Join us!


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A new project from our friends Kuutana and Eric “the” Taylor, Luna Firma is a beautiful new collaboration of ambient music from two excellent practitioners. Falling Toward Atlantis is the name of the album (cover art by Andreas Schwietzke), and it’s featured today along with other Atlantis-flavored music from the StillStream library, as well as two tracks composed specifically for this program by James Hoehl and Wings of an Angel (who is also our featured artist for February).

From the Archives: Still My Guitar

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This program was originally broadcast on 9 November 2013.

As a continuation of the “git” theme we started some weeks ago, this edition of At Water’s Edge is dedicated to music built around the guitar and its big brother, the bass guitar.

This week we hear from Crows Labyrinth, Jack Hertz and Cousin Silas, Stephen Briggs, Har, Disturbed Earth, Jeff Duke, Dennis Moser, aka “usr/sbin, aka “AldoManutio Abruzzo” … Kuutana, and our featured artist this month, the recently departed and immensely talented Kevin Haller. Peace, brother. Your light will be missed here.

Blurred Lines

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We often think of classical music as being stodgy, elitist, or irrelevant. But in fact classical music is all around us, and informs much of our cultural context. Many musicians with classical background breathe new life into this art form by blurring the lines, either by using instruments in innovative ways, or pushing the boundaries of what we consider to be common practice.

This is certainly true in the ambient music genre as well — artists blur classical sensibilities and make new sounds and atmospheres, while still somehow remaining grounded in the tradition that they bring forward.

Today’s program lives in those blurred lines, with recent works from Joe McMahon, Daniel Robert Lahey, and Takashi Suzuki. And what classically based program would be complete without a track from Doc and Lena Selyanina?

From the archives: More riddims!

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From the At Water’s Edge archives, originally broadcast in July 2013, one of our favorite […]

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