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Today’s episode of At Water’s Edge is called “Origins”; we explore our roots, our beginnings, our origins. That can take many forms, depending on your personal mythos, so we go exploring in the Garden, in polar ice, in the stars, in the roots of trees, and more.

As you may know, recently I moved to a little town on the inland waterways of North Carolina — so, yes, we are still at water’s edge. I’m here for my mother, but interestingly, despite our all scattering to the four winds when we were younger, my father was born in a little town about 50 miles from here, and much of that side of the family has been rooted here for generations.

Our personal beginnings, our cultural beginnings, our planetary beginnings… we all start somewhere, and those starting points all help define who we are individually and collectively. Who we are as individuals is a culmination of all those things, and what we do with the knowledge of those things along the way.

52 Stories Up

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Another of our challenges here on At Water’s Edge, today’s program, 52 Stories Up, only received two responses (and they’re GOOD!), so most of the show is devoted to tracks that tell stories.

The challenge was… well, challenging. A few months ago, I posted an image on Facebook, a spectacular view of downtown Los Angeles from the office where I was working. I mentioned that it was 52 stories up, and of course the puns started flying. Stories (as in tales), and cards, and great wordplay ensued. A challenge was born: create a track that incorporates elements of both your favorite story and your favorite card game.

The remainder of the program relies on the RadioSpiral library, where we went spelunking for tracks that told stories in one form or another.

Give the Children Back

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This is a podcast-only episode.

It’s a protest show, a prayer, a hope, a rant, a wish, an exhortation. Given all that’s going on in the U.S. this past week or two, your host couldn’t remain silent. So this program is one long wish to





Predictable if you know me at all.

This episode features music by Palancar (Darrell Burgan), Tony Gerber, Scott Lawlor, Brother Saturn (Drew Miller), Robert Rich, Michael Brückner, HeadJoint (Michael Jobborn), Giles Reaves, Darren Harper, Phillip Wilkerson, and Lily Pond Orchestra.

Our Houses

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Take Two! Continuing the previous episode’s collaboration challenge and theme, we bring you more tracks by two or more artists — two of which were created specifically for the challenge, and the rest from the RadioSpiral library or elsewhere around the interwebz.

We’re also featuring a new album in its entirety, Memories of Akhenaten, from Chris Russell and Dawn Tuesday, and a long form track from Dan Miñoza and Symatic Star.

Music is better with friends. 🙂

Our House

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Another challenge episode, the call was to find a collaborator or two and create a track together, whether it was artists that had worked together before, or who had always wanted to work together.

Laundry Day

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Hooray! It’s Laundry Day!

Weekends are good for taking care of those household tasks that need doing, including challenge tracks for At Water’s Edge.

The challenge…
Create a track whose base elements consist solely of sounds you would hear in a laundry room. You can alter the sounds however you like, but you may only use these sounds, and no additional instruments or synths…

The results…
Five artists came forward with tracks, and three of those artists supplied two tracks each! Laundry sounds apparently lend themselves to long form, and the results are as varied as the artists themselves.


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This week’s edition of At Water’s Edge is inspired by some real-life healing currently happening. We explore strength in many forms: through breath, through stones, through simply standing still.

There is strength in merely standing…

Strength takes many forms. It can be pure brute force, it can be persistence, courage in the face of overwhelming odds, endurance through crushing pain, the courage of love, and much more.

Today’s theme takes its inspiration from the kind of strength needed to heal after trauma of any kind. As a witness to some real-life healing happening before my eyes, this program is dedicated to my mother, and to all those who are healing.


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This edition of At Water’s Edge is inspired by images of sailing.

At Water’s Edge has its home on the water, and through many moves and relocations, it keeps returning to the water, which has turned out to be a source of comfort. Being on land’s end has a bit of magic to it. Perhaps because your host is a quadruple fire sign, the water is a place of balance, and peace.

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time on the opposite coast of the U.S. for personal reasons, and found similar inspiration in the coastal waterways of North Carolina as well.

So today we sail, on terrestrial and cosmic oceans.

Things that go strange in the night

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The “Things Strange” challenge tracks are on the air this week, and we’re delighted to tell you that we have well over an hour just of challenge music alone, and then lots more strange and wonderful music from the RadioSpiral library.


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From Disquiet Junto #323, “Music for Meditation”, this is a sampling of the entries. Curated by RadioSpiral admin Joe McMahon (whose entry for the challenge we aired last week), this selection represents our top choices from the over-six-hour playlist.

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