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It’s been a while since we’ve had a storytelling episode! Now that winter is closing in around us, the nights are longer and colder, the days are shorter, it’s time to settle in for some lovely (sometimes creepy) stories.

Today we’ll be doing a retrospective of some of the stories your host has done with musicians around the world. We’ll hear stories with Scott Lawlor, Cousin Silas, Juta Takahashi, and Gianni Intili. In the broadcast, I started telling one of my own stories, but hit enough technical issues (and timing issues) that I had to bail. Fear not! It’s on the next episode!


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Many sensible countries have avoided using Daylight Saving Time. Of those who have observed it, […]

The Tree of Life

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Today’s edition of Edges of Dreaming contemplates the Tree of Life in all its meaning: leaves, lives, leaving, falling, fall, autumn, and the circle of life.

The death of every living being is in the natural order of things; it follows life as surely as summer follows spring. Let us consider the symbol of the Tree of Life. The trunk and branches of the tree represent all the living world, and each leaf a life – appearing one spring, flourishing for a season, and then falling to nourish the roots for following generations.
The physical presence of the individual life has gone, but the tree remains. In fact, it is now even stronger because of that life – and the ending of that life. So it shall be for all of us, in time.

We’ll hear tracks by Altus, Druhá Smrt, Megatone, Robert Scott Thompson, Darren Harper, Andrew Lahiff, Chris Russell, Disturbed Earth, Samsa, Vir Unis, Resonant Drift, Michael Brückner, Cousin Silas, Jack Hertz, DeepWarmth, Elve, WolfProject and Johan Tronestam, and Syndromeda. Plus the waves. You’ll definitely hear the waves.

Even More Music About Buildings and Food

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Edges of Dreaming is back this week at last, with the long-promised challenge episode… for […]

Head Over Hee(a)ls

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Edges of Dreaming is finally back this week with an episode about healing. Life has […]

Harvest Gold

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This week on Edges of Dreaming: Harvest Gold! (We’re considering making next week “Avocado Green”… snerk). Summer is waning, the harvest is coming in, and green growing things are just starting to be touched with autumn gold, hinting at the season to come.

Join us as we explore the music of that misty space between asleep and awake, where magic happens.

As Above, So Below

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After a couple of weeks’ break to reset my brain, Edges of Dreaming is back with a new challenge episode, and some lovely tracks for it.

The challenge was to create a track about life underground — there were no other constraints, and as a result, the artists had free reign to create a track that said “underground” to them.

However, instead of starting with the challenge tracks, we look upward first to the heavens by way of RadioSpiral library tracks, and then head below for the final segment of the program.

Walking On the Moon

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You’ve likely heard by now, or already knew, that today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11’s successful mission, including humankind’s first steps on the surface of the moon.

It’s probably fairly obvious to you therefore that today we’ll be celebrating that historic milestone with tracks all about the moon and the view from there. We’ll get to hear a mix of recent and library tracks from such artists as Kuutana, Playman54 with last humane orchestra, Phillip Wilkerson, Joe Frawley, Epsilon Eridani, Tone Ghost Ether, Cousin Silas & Jaime Munariz Ortiz, Lily Pond Orchestra, Not Your Average Hippy, Syndromeda, Erik Wøllo, Dave Luxton, Dan Pound, M. Dempsey, and Gypsy Witch.

Join us as we celebrate one of humankind’s most marvelous achievements!

Summer Dreams

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We’re back on the West Coast this week for a friend’s wedding, and the experience has been truly wonderful. The weather is lovely — foggy mornings and warm-but-not-hot afternoons, the terns and gulls and sea lions making their songs on the breakwater, sailors and paddleboarders (a couple of them with their dogs on board!) and scullers enjoying the water. So today we dream of summer with music of Tim Kays, Robert Rich, Robert Scott Thompson, Sensitive Chaos and much more.


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We are very pleased to announce the addition of Ishq to the RadioSpiral artist family, […]

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