Sunset, Sunrise

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This week on At Water’s Edge, another challenge episode! Similar to the M2m (Major to minor) challenge, the artists were to start with something dark, and then shift it to light by the end, or vice-versa…

Five artists stepped up to the challenge this time: playman54, Glenn Sogge, George L Smyth, Tony Gerber, and Palancar.

For the second half of the program, we will dwell in sunrises and sunsets from the RadioSpiral library, with music by Tone Ghost Ether, Max Corbacho, Matthieu Bélanger – Claude Lassonde – Christopher Short, Robert Otto, M.Nomized, Audio Gourmet, Altus, and Conni St. Pierre.


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The second of a two part series, this week we focus on various kinds of courage: daring to dream, daring to look into the future, daring to leap, daring to love.

Last week we heard music about Truth and perception, and observed that telling the truth can sometimes make one vulnerable. So truth is, in fact, a kind of dare.

We’ll hear music by mindSpiral, Different Skies ensembles from a couple of different years, Ben Cox, Emerald Adrift, Altus, Sequential Dreams, John DuVal, Glenn Sogge, SiJ and Paul Minesweeper, Syndromeda, usr/sbin, and Ricky Kej with the Soweto Gospel Choir and a ton of other great musicians from the album Shanti Samsara.


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Truth is stranger than fiction.

Life imitates art.

What is truth?

The world around us is increasingly bizarre, where the truth as it’s presented must be questioned every minute of every day. But the truth (see what I did there?) is that humans have been fiddling with truth as long as we’ve been around. We bend it to suit our needs, whether to ourselves or to the people around us, and even the most honest among us has done it. Telling the truth about ourselves makes us vulnerable, and others take advantage, so we learn to hide it. We obscure our reality in hopes of turning our path to a positive outcome.

On today’s edition of At Water’s Edge, we explore truth and untruth and the bending that happens in between. It’s an interesting, varied ride. We’ll hear from Audio Gourmet, Night Note, Kuutana, Bing Satellites, Empty Vessel, grüm~pé, Ozone Player, Kit Watkins, Lucette Bourdin, Daniel Robert Lahey, Max Corbacho, and December Nightskies.

“Truth” is part of a two-part series; next week is “Dare”. Do you?

Elevator Music

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At long last! It’s time for the “Elevator Music” challenge episode! We have some GREAT […]


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It is autumn, at long last. After a brutal summer and a frightening and destructive storm season, the weather very suddenly turned to late autumn, with very little transition.

So today we finally look at the autumn season, and feature a new album that celebrates it beautifully. We’ll hear the new release October from Another Neglected Hobby, as well as some wonderful library tracks that exemplify the season.

Grab a blanket and some hot chocolate and join us!

Un soffio…

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A breath, a sigh…

After an exhausting month of storms and their aftermath, this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge takes a breath. Or three. Today’s program explores sighs of resignation, regret, and relief. We’ll feature music by Giles Reaves, Cranial Mythos, Dawn Tuesday and M. Nomized, Jaime Munarriz, Altus, poemme, Medicine Man, Daniel Robert Lahey, Lucette Bourdin, Caul, Silvercord, Robert Dorschel, and Max Corbacho.

By the Waters of Babble-On

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We’ve had a sufficiency of water for a while (ahem.), but this is a great […]

After the Storm

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At Water’s Edge is back on the air this week, and back at the water’s edge, albeit reluctantly. It is perhaps too obvious, but this week’s topic is “After the Storm.” The music is beautiful, and mournful.

Green to Gold

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It’s easy to broadly describe the principal color of the warmer seasons as “green”. But the green of spring is vastly different from the green of late summer and early autumn. The light of autumn, with dust in the air and the changing angle of the sun, is warm and beautiful. Even as life is withdrawing for winter, the earth’s cloak becomes its most beautiful.

On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we drift through the greens of autumn with works by metlay!, Arcticology, usr/sbin, EugeneKha, Tony Gerber, poemme, Thom Brennan, Lucette Bourdin, Jack Hertz and Wolfgang Gsell, Altus (of course), M. Nomized, Cloudwalk, and Cousin Silas.

For the Birds! or, Avian Flew

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On this edition of At Water’s Edge, another of our challenge episodes, this one having birds as its basis. We received over an hour of music from five artists: Museleon, Glenn Sogge, Skoddie, playman54 and Carbonates on Mars.

The challenge was to take field recordings of coastal North Carolina birds that we recorded, and do… something… with them. As with the frogs, the field recordings had to be the only source material, but artists could do anything they liked with them — cut them up, process them, turn them upside down, whatever. These samples were the source material.

We’re winging it for the rest of the episode (see what I did there?), with tracks from the Radio Spiral library, including works by Bing Satellites, poemme, Robert Dorschel, Specta Ciera, John Vorus, Gregory Bond, Dan Pound, Shawn McClure, and Lucette Bourdin.

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