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Nevermore (Part 1)

The image of the raven has its roots in legends from all over the world. Harbinger of death, protector, spy,

Mixing Bowl

All about the remix on this edition of At Water’s Edge: artists who have remixed each other’s works, adding their

Weather Or Not

Weather and atmospheric conditions are sources of inspiration for an incredible array of ambient music. Aural Films’ ambitious and compelling

Virtual Barbecue

As we near the end of summer in the northern hemisphere, we thought it might be fun to share a


This edition of At Water’s Edge features collaborations between artists, often across great distances thanks to the wonders of the

New Releases: Fog Music (Part 1)

This week and next, we will be playing the recent “Fog Music” releases from Aural Films. Today, we’ll hear 1,


The song of cicadas and frogs, the touch of summer breezes or the baleful gaze of a relentless sun… the

Listeners' Choice New Releases

On this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge, it’s listeners’ choice–we asked listeners and artists to submit their favorite new

Still My Guitar

As a continuation of the “git” theme we started some weeks ago, this edition of At Water’s Edge is dedicated

Into the Dark

In the Northern Hemisphere, the year is winding down and the Sun is going to his winter bed. Now three

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