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Seeking Enlightenment

This week’s edition of At Water’s Edge explores seeking enlightenment through music: http://wp.me/p2T7p3-t7 … Get the full episode…Seeking Enlightenment

Art and Music

This week’s edition of At Water’s Edge features musicians who are also visual artists of one sort or another: painters,

The Women

This week we’re featuring works by women artists, including a couple of new additions to the Stillstream pantheon. It’s a

Then Comes the Rain

“April showers bring May flowers…” This time of year, rain in the northern hemisphere is the harbinger of new life,

Love and Loss

For this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge, we’re delighted to announce a very special live guest: Darrell Burgan joins

The First Flower of Spring

There’s still lots of ice and snow around the world, but in many places in the northern hemisphere, the flowers

Time and Eternity

It’s Easter weekend, the end of Passover, spring is catching on in the northern hemisphere, and time for another At

False Dawn

They say it is always darkest before the dawn. It depends on your point of view. The composers featured in


A bit darker and more contemplative, today’s program centers around sorrow and regret, with some really beautiful works from a


Music is the stuff that dreams are made of. Dreams are the stuff that music is made of. This week’s

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